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The Safest Fabric & Surface Sanitizer

Product for a COVID Free World

Anti Viral Coating (AVC)

YUDEF is an Anti Viral Coating that continuously kills viruses, bacteria and fungal spores for several days after application. This innovative invention can be used on our daily wear CLOTHES, surfaces such as FLOORS, FURNITURE, and SURROUNDINGS.   

YUDEF has gone through rigorous tests in labs of India & Europe to provide 99.995% efficacy against all harmful viruses and microbes. 

Lets get back to the Old Normal

YUDEF is specially developed by a group of Biochemical scientists keeping in mind the need of the hour. It is a special first of its kind Fabric and Surface Protector using Macromolecular Ion Anchor Technology (MIAT) providing unparalleled protection to Human Life.

Our YUFED antiviral coating solution when sprayed or used in the washing cycle is permanently attached to textile substrates by molecular ionic interactions between the QUATS and the amphiphilic-electrical charges on the applied surface. Anchored to QUATS, our antiviral coating composites in the elixir synergistically exhibit antimicrobial peptide-like activity using innate electrochemical potentials to inactive viral spike proteins. Thereby providing an enhanced antimicrobial activity resulting in the formation of a surfactant-microbe complex in the case of bacteria/fungi pathogen attacks on textile materials and arrests the spike proteins of the impinging infectious viral particles in the fabric or solid surface matrices.

Apart from Homes, YUDEF can be widely used for a  range of applications and across various industries ranging from Hospitality, Healthcare, Transport, etc and touching every aspect of human life.

The product has been tested and proven as per ISO18184:2019, EN 14476, UNE 0065, and AATCC100 2019 Standards from MNC Laboratories.


Macromolecular Ion Anchor Technology (MIAT)

YUDEF comprising of QUATS and antiviral ingredients creates an enhanced antimicrobial activity resulting in the formation of an electrochemical (ionic) surfactant-microbe membrane inhibitory complex, which disrupts the very life cycle processes themselves in the case of virus/bacteria/fungi pathogens. Furthermore, the anchored Anti Viral Coating macromolecules arrest the spike proteins of the impinging infectious viral particles including SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) that they come into contact with and annihilate them preventing transmission before entry into the human host cell.

Textile Fabrics







Movie Theatre

It is recommended to make YUDEF a part of your daily life and use it religiously in your daily cleaning activities to control the spread of viruses and bacterias. 

After washing your clothes, dip them in a bucket of water with a cap of YUDEF solution for 10 minutes just like your everyday fabric conditioner. The same water can then be used to mop your floors and other surfaces, this will make sure that your clothes are protected from all viruses and bacterias for weeks up until you wash them again whereas the floors and other surfaces that were wiped using the Anti Viral Coating formula will be safe up to 48 hours.

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