COVID-19 Protection: Anti-Viral Coating For Fabrics And Surfaces That Is 99 Per Cent Effective Against Pathogens

A new versatile anti-microbial solution can be your aid in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. It can be applied to surfaces as well as fabrics.

According to the World Health Organisation, world communities have to learn, adapt, innovate ways of dealing and living with the coronavirus just in as much as we all do with flu pandemics. To this end, the corona vaccine would inequitably offer protection to individuals and the communities in the world’s fight against COVID-19. But this may not be enough in the long run. Against this backdrop, Delhi-based investment consultancy firm, Turiya Investments, recently launched a unique product, Yudef, that claims to protect people from the COVID-19 virus as well as against all emerging variants. Invented by Lok Kavach Healthcare, this product uses the revolutionary new Anti-Viral Coating (AVC) technology that acts against all harmful microbial activity including the deadly coronavirus as well as bacterial and fungal spores. Before its launch, the product was put through several tests for microbial kill efficacies, in European and Indian Labs.

A versatile anti-microbial solution

This is a versatile anti-microbial solution that can be applied to a wide range of hard (tables, desktops, countertops, floors) or soft material (fabrics) surfaces, as a universal protectant against harmful microbial activity. Commenting on the launch of this product, Luke Talwar, CEO, Turiya Investments, said, “A lot of R&D has gone into creating an Anti-Viral Coating technology of this standard. The best part of this product, to be marketed as a direct to consumer product initially, through an online portal, is that it is totally safe for human external use. This product starts working with an efficacy of 99.995% within seconds of application and as little as a cap full of the elixir is sufficient to sanitise any surface against microbial activity for weeks.”

99.9 per cent effective against pathogens

This product is available in the form of an eco-safe 2 liquid formulation that can be soaked with cloth to make it resistant to microbial activity, including the deadly SARS-COV-2 (corona) virus, till the next wash. Not only will YUDEF work with an efficacy of 99.995 per cent, it will continue its actions for weeks before the next application of AVC is warranted. Hard surfaces like wood, tiles, cement and plastic can be wiped with the YUDEF liquid to keep it safe against microbes over protracted exposure time.

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About the product

YUDEF Anti-Viral Coating is an invention that utilises a unique concept using the Macromolecular Ion Anchor Technology (MIAT). It is free of metal ion toxicity and offers multiple purpose disinfectant utilities. The composition has composites belonging to the generic class of organic compounds called “macromolecules” (e.g. peptides, polyketides, amino aromatic and lactones), which are structurally similar to natural products from plants or microbes. It also contains QUATS aka QACs (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) in the AVC solution, which is activated via “ionic” interactions between QUATS molecular scaffolding and the opposite ionic charges on the target surface. These macromolecules along with QUATs in the AVC elixir synergistically exhibit antimicrobial peptide like activity to inactivate viral spike proteins.

It disrupts the viral spike protein’s transmissibility

This product disrupts the viral spike protein’s transmissibility or infectivity effectively. It destroys the very life cycle processes in the case of bacteria / fungi pathogens. The anchored AVC macromolecules arrest the spike proteins of the impinging infectious viral particles that they come into contact with and annihilate them, preventing transmission before entry into the human host cell. It can be sprayed onto surfaces or used in washing cycles. It attaches permanently to textile and surfaces and offer long lasting protection.

Availability and cost

It is already available in the Indian market. The product is priced at Rs 699.

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